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You all must be thinking about what makes us different from the rest. The best point about us is that we promote using herbal sanitizer which helps in maintaining personal hygiene. Herbal sanitizer is made using herbs. The herbal sanitizer we use is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and it helps to alleviate pain too. Keeping in mind the health of the user’s skin we preferred using herbal sanitizer. The normal sanitizer which uses unknown chemicals damages the skin and makes it dry.

Many sanitizers these days are made up of triclosan. Animal tests have revealed that this antibacterial disrupts hormone activity. After researching about the best solution we can use in our system the idea of using herbal solution came into being.

Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
5 Steps For Cleaning & Sanitizing Program
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk1
Step inside and stand over foot marks
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk2
Measure Temperature on right wrist
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk3
Sanitize your hand
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk4
Sanitize your body
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk5
Walk out Safe


Add an extra layer of safety at your entrance with made in India, Human Disinfection Tunnel

Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
Super easy to install
You don't need to scratch your head on how to install the sanitization machine. Once you watch out how it's done, it will come in handy.
Sterilizes full body in just 10 seconds
Offering complete sanitization and temperature monitoring in just 10 seconds, with very simple and quick steps, eliminating any human dependence for getting yourself properly sterilized from Head to Toe.
Once installed, it can be moved easily with the given trolley wheels from one place to another. And it can be disassembled and reassembled as well so that you can carry it as far as you wish.
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk

Herbal Sanitization Solution (No Soduim Hypochloride)

we put herbal sanitizer in our sanitization machine. As per the common sense and Supreme Court's guidelines, we also condemn the usage of highly toxic chemicals especially because we want to make people healthier and protected. Thus, we always prefer herbal and sustainable alternatives. Herbal sanitizer is one of them.
High precision Infra-Red thermometer
Arthwalk is equipped with a High-Grade Thermopile (High Measuring device) with 0.1 °C (Celsius) medical accuracies for non-contact temperature measurement.
Know your body temperature through your Wrist
Just place your right hand on the marked position guided via a LASER-LED that let you position your wrists positioned correctly for accurate temperature measurement through High Temperature Measuring Device.
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
Audio and Video Assistance and greater user-friendliness
The system is integrated with advanced state-of-the-art technology to assist the users, guiding throughout the sanitization process via configurable audio and video sub-units, offering an interactive interface for user-friendliness.
Sanitization even shoe sole
Footprints on the floor of the system have a special feature apart from guiding the user about the exact place to stand. It is basically a sticker with holes. It is meant to spray sanitizer at the bottom surface of the prospect's shoe sole.
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
Configurable settings of the system
There's a setting option on the touch screen display, that is controlled via admin authentication where the admin can set the timing of one sanitization cycle, change the password, and can also swap the temperature between °F (Fahrenheit) and °C (Celsius).
Consensual sanitization
Admin can also stop body-sanitization if in some special cases the prospect does not wish to get sanitized.
Power efficient user friendly system
All Electronics Circuits in are designed with a simple motive to not overburden any electricity bills on the user and only high grade cutting edge technologies are integrated along with extra layer of Power Efficiency which is managed with a PIR sensory and Sonar sensory system, that puts the system into sleep mode when no user is detected.
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
LED Indicators For temperature monitoring
Comes with integrated RED/ GREEN LED indicators, assisting the Security Personnel and the User to get alerts for Temperature Stats of the entrant into the premises.
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk

Suitable For

Product Benefits​

  • Public offices
  • Colleges
  • Movie theatre
  • Grocery stores
  • Air terminals
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Bus & Railway stations
  • Schools
  • Public squares
  • Construction sites  
  • Libraries
  • Public parks
  • And many more
Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk
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Human Disinfection Chamber, Arthwalk


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