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What is a Disinfection Tunnel? Why do businesses need them in 2021?

Ensuring a world with NO FEAR of epidemic

A complete disinfection machine is a chamber or a tunnel through which an individual or an object gets completely sterilized from top to bottom in a very short period of time, reducing the risk of getting others infected from a contagious disease or other viruses and germs. Some tunnels are multi-purpose while others are used only for sterilizing humans. Our Arthwalk is a human disinfection tunnel.

Arthwalk is a full-body herbal sanitization machine with temperature measurement and an automatic sanitizer dispenser comfortable for every height, crafted with care by ArthLab. 

ArthLab is a Noida-based emerging startup that keeps a passionate intention of adding values to the society by creating various innovative and sustainable products. ArthLab keeps a vision of contributing in the Athmanirbharat Mission of Government of India and taking India’s dream of becoming the world leader, a step ahead. 

With our creativity and hard work, we’ve successfully launched Arthwalk and managed to make ArthLab the Best Sanitizer Machine Manufacturer in India.

ArthLab Device for All

Covid 19 has brought a lot of changes in our daily lifestyles. We are now more hygiene-concerned than ever. A Mask, a tiny bottle of sanitizer, and social-distancing are the foremost things that come into our minds when we think of the new normal after this corona-outbreak. 

But as they say, “Need is the mother of invention”,while we were getting anxious about the covid-graph running upwards non-stoppingly, some heart-soothing news about the inventions and technologies not only gave us the silver-lining of victory over this pandemic but also made us realize making our country entirely Atmanirbhar (Self-dependant). 

Arthwalk human-disinfection chamber has also made its place on the list of revolutionary inventions!! 

Why Your Business Needs a Full Sanitization Tunnel in 2021

There is good news and bad news. The good one is that India is already getting vaccinated against COVID-19  and the bad news is that India is struggling to attain its target inoculation by a much larger margin than expected. According to a report from Bloomberg, only about 56% of people eligible to get the shot have stepped forward to get vaccinated. Some healthcare workers and doctors are hesitating because they’re doubtful and scared of the side effects of a vaccine that is yet to complete its phase- III trials. Hence, India is running way much slower than the targeted pace and it’s highly unlikely to achieve the aim of inoculating 300 million people by August. 

And what does that mean?

It means that we’re not going back to the pre-pandemic lifestyle anytime sooner than December 2021, or even longer than that. NO ONE KNOWS.

And since, businesses, organizations, and institutions that attract crowds are still suffering because of the pandemic may have to wait longer to get their businesses back on track. But what if we find a loophole in this crisis?

We can help you make your visitors feel a little safer while they leave their homes in urgency or just to get the taste of a normal lifestyle. 

  • A complete sanitizer tunnel at the door of your business will help make your visitors a little relaxed
  • People like it when they’re being taken care of. They’ll not forget to revisit a place where they’ve once felt secure from the biggest fear they’re going through right now.
  • Humans hardly forget a good experience. People can do their errands at your place with reduced stress of getting infected from COVID.
  • Stand apart from your competitors. Once your visitors get the services that your competitors are yet to provide, they’d prefer to choose you over others.
  • Consumers are more educated and intellectual than ever. A big share of consumers, especially those living in big cities are more educated and concerned about hygiene and sanitization. And this pandemic has given them another reason for being a little bit more conscious and alert while using a product or a service. 

Thus, installing the Arthwalk Human Disinfection Chamber will be one of the best things you’d do to your business!

What Makes Arthwalk special?

  • Super easy to install- You don’t need to scratch your head on how to install the sanitization machine. Once you watch out how it’s done, it will come in handy.
  • Portable- Once installed, it can be moved easily with the given trolley wheels from one place to another. And it can be disassembled and reassembled as well so that you can carry it as far as you wish.
  • Sterilizes full-body in just 12 seconds
  • Takes 5 simple steps to disinfect the complete body 
  • NO SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE is used, we put herbal sanitizer in our sanitization machine- As per the common sense and Supreme Court’s guidelines, we also condemn the usage of highly toxic chemicals especially, because we want to make people healthier and protected. Thus, we always prefer herbal and sustainable alternatives. Herbal sanitizer is one of them.
  • High precision Infra Red thermometer- Arthwalk is equipped with a highly graded temperature sensing device having 0.1 ⁰C  medical accuracy for non-contact temperature measurement.


It’s quite fortunate to see that vaccination for covid-19 has already started in some parts of the world including India. Now, many of us can wonder that the vaccines are already there and the pandemic will end soon. What is the need for sanitization now? 

Yes, we’re quite fortunate to see India is finally conquering over COVID


We are so desperate to bring our lives back to normal that we tend to avoid some serious concerns regarding this pandemic and many more that are yet to come. And if we genuinely want to protect ourselves from future epidemics, we need to continue practicing the hygiene-culture we started after the corona outbreak. This culture majorly includes full sanitization first and foremost.

Prevention is better than cure!

Our daily activities and lifestyles have a major role in our health system. The best example of this is none other than our fellow country Japan. Japan managed to keep its covid-19 cases low even though there were no strict lockdowns. And researchers said the possible reason behind Japan’s corona-success might be the lifestyle of people. After the deadly Influenza epidemic in 1957, the Japanese people have been practicing the mask-wearing culture, especially during winters without waiting for another outbreak. And we genuinely need to learn how to be disciplined by Japanese people. 

Reasons behind practicing the sanitization culture even after the COVID-19 is over-

  1. A positive impact on your business- As this machine is suitable mostly for the businesses that attract people in masses, like hospitals, malls, supermarkets etcetera. Your customers and visitors will get another reason to pay a visit with lowered stress of getting infected from COVID or other germs.
  2. Indian COVID-19 vaccines are only 70% effective– According to a report from India Today, The Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine has shown only 70 percent protection against the Covid-19 infection. So far, the vaccine makers have come out with the efficacy data and of these, vaccines by Moderna, Pfizer, and Russia have shown over 90 percent success rates. Thus, we can’t go blind and underestimate the virus, because the vaccines are taking more time than the world had expected.
  3. Regular sanitization will keep the society protected from other diseases as well (And you and your customers are the part of that society)- Corona or not, keeping ourselves away from the germs and other kinds of viruses would ensure a healthy society and environment anyway. Who wouldn’t want a healthy life after all?