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INDIA: How Deadly Is The Second Wave of COVID-19 And How To Handle It Calmly

, INDIA: How Deadly Is The Second Wave of COVID-19 And How To Handle It Calmly

Has The Second Wave of COVID-19 Already Arrived In India?

Though the health authorities in India have been warning against the potential waves of COVID-19 since earlier, there is no official statement regarding this from the government so far. But India is breaking its record of an everyday surge in COVID-19 continuously with 1.61 lakh infection cases in the last 24 hours with a death toll of as many as 879. This data is enough to prove that yes! India’s second serious battle with COVID-19 has started already.

Responsible Factors Behind The Rapid Increase In Daily COVID Cases

, INDIA: How Deadly Is The Second Wave of COVID-19 And How To Handle It Calmly

There are several reasons behind this outrageous re-surge in the COVID-19 infection in India this time. Let’s look into them briefly

  1. Lowered Concerns- Most of the Indians aren’t scared of the virus anymore, knowing the low fatality rate from the first wave in the country. Also, they’ve too got bored to follow the necessary basic protocols like wearing face masks, sanitizing, or washing hands, and maintaining social distancing. This is a clear invitation to the virus, thus, the number of COVID cases is breaking new records every day.
  2. New Mutants- As COVID-19 is making its comeback with the new mutants, it has become more outrageous. Some mutants are even said to be 70% more transmissible than the earlier one, and some are even deadlier than the others that it can possibly make the antibodies present in a human body ineffective.
  3. No clear statement from the government- Though Prime Minister Modi had given a concerning speech regarding the potential second wave of the COVID-19 about a month ago, there’s no further statement from any government whatsoever. Interestingly, even the politicians are openly breaking the rules and not following protocols.
  4. Too much hope with Vaccines- Though the vaccines are ready and people are being inoculated, there is no vaccine yet exists that can guarantee 100% resistance from the coronavirus. So it’s possible that one can re-infected by the virus even after getting both doses of the vaccine. But people have a misconception that once they’d get vaccinated, they won’t be affected by the virus anymore. Thus, they’re not paying any heed to the COVID-19 protocols leading to the rapid virus spreading in the country.

But… Is This Second Wave Actually Fearsome?

, INDIA: How Deadly Is The Second Wave of COVID-19 And How To Handle It CalmlyA one word answer to this question is “YES”. Now, let’s know the why of it-

  • A Serious Warning By The AIIMS Director- ‘Laxity shown by people in following coronavirus or COVID-19 protocols and mutant strains of the virus is the main reason behind the sudden spike in cases in India’ said Randeep Guleria, Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He also asserted that the cases could spread even more rapidly if steps like wearing masks and contact tracing were not followed.
  • Children Being More Vulnerable To The Second Wave- According to a report from the Times Of India, the second wave of COVID-19 can attack the age group 2-16 severely which was more immune to the first wave. And since no vaccine is yet approved for use on kids, it attracts even more concerns.
  • New Mutants Are More dangerous- As mentioned earlier, new mutants are excessively transmissible and can reach out to more populations, sparing no age group.
  • Fatality Rate- The second wave was expected to lower down the overall mortality rate from the infection. But according to a report from the Hindustan Times, there’s no major change in the infection to death ratio in comparison to the first wave.
  • Slow Innoculation pace- As The Swaddle says, it could take India around 2.4 years to vaccinate 75% of the population. India is getting vaccinated at a rate of 2.6 million doses per day. Though this sums up to 3% of the population while only 0.8% of the total Indian population has received both doses of the vaccines so far.
  • Post Covid-19 Syndrome OR Long Covid- Even after the recovery, Covid is leaving its mark on some people. Sometimes, these after-effects are mild while sometimes they become severe. Long Covid cases are those, who show their symptoms till 8-12 weeks since the day of infection. In mild symptoms, patients feel difficulty breathing, joint pain, chest pain, smell loss etcetera. Long Covid sometimes permanently damages the lungs, kidneys, brain, or heart of the patient.
  • Psychological side effects- Covid, sometimes also leaves its residuals in the form of mental health issues. Some patients are reported to feel anxiety, depression, memory loss, sleep deprivation, brain fog, delusion, and several other post-recovery symptoms.

How To Handle COVID-19 Second Wave With a Positive Mindset

Keeping Up With The Obvious

The only negative thing we all pray for these days is a Negative COVID-19 report. But hearing the news of someone from the neighborhood or any acquaintance suffering from the virus makes us anxious and our heartbeat pace faster. And since our mental health is directly related to physical health, you cannot take any risk of them bothering you at any cost. Thus, here are some tips for you on how to reduce the chances of getting infected by the deadly virus:

  • Self-Lock- So what if our government is not imposing a full 24*7 lockdown in the country, the economy is anyway suffering already. But we can lock ourselves in our homes as long as possible, right? So, let’s watch our and our loved ones’ steps from going outside the homes’ threshold and urge them to stay indoors as long as possible. Make sure you or any of your family members don’t wander around on the streets without a genuine and emergency purpose.
  • A Chance To Be Superheroes- Believe me, the respect that my heart gives to those who wear face masks while going outdoors, is on another level. They’re no less than the superheroes for society because they’re helping the whole community in fighting the virus. How do masks help? Wearing masks ensures that silent spreaders, who’ve caught the virus but are asymptomatic or even those who have symptoms but are unidentified, cannot spread the virus on others. Masks stop the droplets coming from the sneeze, cough, or from the mouth of the infected person to land on other people and thus preventing them from getting infected., INDIA: How Deadly Is The Second Wave of COVID-19 And How To Handle It Calmly


  • A Mask Needs a Companion Too- Just wearing face masks won’t make much of a difference if the physical distance is not maintained. So, stay at least 6 meters away from people if you want to stay away from the coronavirus.
  • SanitizationSanitizing hands does make difference in preventing the virus from spreading outrageously. Thus do make sure, you sanitize or soap-wash your hands more often these days.

If Sanitizing Hands Can Help Containing COVID, Imagine What Wonders Can The Full-Body Sanitization DO!!


Mind Sanitization Is equally Important-

While we focus on our physical wellbeing, we’re kind of ignorant towards our mental health. This pandemic has been taking a rough toll on our minds and we’re hardly even realizing this. It’s high time you heal your mind before breaking down.

  • Doctors’ Advice- It was in the news, that doctors push their COVID patients or any patient, in general, to practice some mind exercises like Yoga and Meditation. According to doctors and psychologists, a patient heals faster when their willpower is strong. Thus, doing mindfulness meditation like deep breathing helps in recovering them faster.
  • Spare At least 20 min- Doing deep breathing yoga and meditation not only keeps your lungs and respiratory system in good health but also cleans your mind from within. Make sure you practice those without being lazy.
  • Family time- Shut your Internet OFF for at least an hour every day to know yourself better and go online with your actual life. Connect with your family as much as possible. You’ll feel less distressed and more alive.
  • Do Not Miss On Your Daily Exercise- Exercises are essential for your mental as well as your physical health. Try not to miss out on them ever.

Doing What The Normal Public Can’t Do

Apart From The Do’s And Don’ts list For the Public, Businesses and Governments Have More Responsibilities And More Power To Make The Condition Better. Since Imposing a Full Lockdown Doesn’t Seem A Very Apt Idea For the Economy as well as for The Employment Sector Government Must Come Up With Innovative Ideas And Technologies To Contain The Virus. One Such Idea Is Arthwalk’s Full Body Sanitization System. Its Innovative features like Spraying Natural And Harmless Sanitizer And Disinfecting a Complete Human Body In Just 10-12 Seconds Make Arthwalk the Best Sanitization Machine in India. Join hands with us to fetch India on a healthier and happier path.


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