7 safety measures to take when opening schools: Human disinfection tunnel need of the hour

, 7 safety measures to take when opening schools: Human disinfection tunnel need of the hour

The students have not seen their schools for a long period of time. The government too is not sure whether to open schools in the second wave of corona-virus. The school must open as students have already missed a lot. The environment at home is quite distractive. That is why some of the parents want their children to go to school while others are monitoring the situation.

What experts say?

 Dr Ruediger Krech, WHO Director of Health Promotion stated that schools can resume securely. “Decisions to reopen schools should be driven by data and the safety measures in place, but also address the concerns of students, parents, caregivers and teachers. These concerns are best addressed if reopening approaches are co-designed with students, parents, caregivers and teachers.”

What can we do?

We can talk about the safety measures that schools should follow. These actions can function as a checklist for the schools who are wanting to open or have effectively opened. We will likewise talk about how in this second wave a human disinfection tunnel can fill in as a layer of protection.

1.  School reopens: Complete sanitization of school

School should sanitise the school grounds properly on weekdays and weekends. Sanitisation should be done in every class, laboratory, sport rooms, staff room to ensure safety for students, teachers, staff and visitors like parents to protect their families from any danger of coronavirus.

2.    Immune system

As school reopens the school authorities must take the necessary steps to make students, parents and staff aware of the benefits of having a strong immune system. Immune is the body’s general reaction to any virus. The stronger it is, the safer the body will become. The advantages of consuming vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, D, B and Zinc and others supplements should be discussed via video conference.

3.   Conducting classes with planning

A rule must be established that all the students have to maintain a distance of 3 meters To make it happen schools should have a plan. One of the idea is to call students to school according to their roll numbers on alternative days. Odd roll numbers on odd dates and even on even dates. This will also create a positive outlook for everyone.

4.   Measuring temperature

Thermal scanning will be performed on all students, employees, and teachers at the entrance and at various intervals during the day to diagnose anybody who is not feeling well or who might have COVID-19 symptoms and to quarantine them immediately.

5.   Sanitisation at entrance

Full body sanitisation is an unquestionable requirement as school reopens. Schools should install a human disinfection tunnel at the entrance gate. The reason why people are reluctant to send their kids to class is that they are not sure of the safety of children. To guarantee safety they can utilize a sanitiser. Simply utilizing sanitiser on hands isn’t sufficient As novel corona can travel from any object. So it is smarter to install a human disinfection tunnel.

You must have observed someone gives you sanitiser at passage entryways and check temperature utilizing their own hands with the goal that you can pass out securely. Think this- Is it actually safe for you? No, it is not. In the human disinfection tunnel, everything works on automatically. You needn’t bother with help to work it out. You just have to pass from it. It will check temperature, clean you from head to toe and tada you can pass out securely.

6.   Proper Rules

To begin, it is essential that you stay connected with any new information released by the government. This way, you’ll know exactly when to start planning for the reopening of your school. This means you’ll have plenty of time to put the following steps in place. New rules can be made according to the information.

7.   Wearing masks

The first step in combating Coronavirus disease is to prevent the virus from spreading from one infected individual to another, which can be accomplished if anyone who is out in public wears masks and gloves. Students, workers, and teachers would be protected from transmitting the disease if they wear masks and gloves while communicating in classrooms or on other occasions.

8.   Supporting each other

The past year was definitely difficult for everyone. So getting back to the routine will be not easy. To ease the situation supporting each other and giving each other the support they need is a must. If someone is not feeling good a quick mental health service should be given to that person immediately.

9.   Social distancing floor stickers

It will inevitably be difficult to incorporate social distancing in a busy school, but take advantage of all available tools to offer as much support as possible to the students and staff. Floor stickers with social distancing are a smart way to encourage people to follow the two-metre law.

10. Avert assemblies

While it would be tempting to collect the whole school once more as the school reopens, this is not recommended. Instead of having huge assemblies, send important messages to each year group so that there are never too many people in one place.

Reopening schools may seem to be a daunting task at this time, and we have no idea when it will happen. However, it is important that you begin planning early to ensure that all staff and students have a healthy and welcoming environment.

To have a healthy environment installing a human disinfection tunnel is a must. A Human disinfection Tunnel, Sanitizing Booth, or Sanitizing Platform is a low-cost acquisition, disinfection process, and activity tool that removes up to 99 per cent of bacteria, other viruses, and bacteria from its users, thereby reducing the risk of contagion among healthy people, protecting your clients and staff function, and communicating your brand or association, is an excellent tool for businesses, rest homes, and other institutions. As the cases are rising it’s high time we take crucial steps towards our own safety.

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