First Valentine after Covid-19 pandemic. All do’s and don’ts while celebrating the day

, First Valentine after Covid-19 pandemic. All do’s and don’ts while celebrating the day

Valentine’s is a day when people express their affection to the people they’ve been fond of for the whole year. When we talk about love, it should be unconditional and must not be limited to couples celebrating their relationships. Because relationships can be of different types and every beautiful relationship is worth celebrating. Some examples of such relations are between the government with its country or a business with its customers, etcetera.

While seizing the day, we, as a responsible society must not forget that we’re yet to eradicate the COVID-19 epidemic completely. No wonder we’re free from the tough lockdown phase months ago, but there’s nothing wrong with following the precautionary measures, even though India is being inoculated keeping in mind that vaccines are not 100% effective. No doubt, some responsible citizens of our country are literally concerned and they are following the measures like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and using sanitizer from time to time. While on the other hand, many are not abiding the rules ever since the lockdown ended.

And to overcome this situation, the government, businesses, and institutions should now be taking action to make people feel loved and care for. Here’s what should and should not be done.

The DO’s-

  1. Ensuring regular sanitization in crowded places- People are highly likely to visit restaurants, public parks, shopping malls, and other places that invite crowds. Regular sanitization in these places is a must, especially in the festive time. Using the best quality sanitization machines with herbal sanitizers will be even safer.
  2. Temperature measurements- Several businesses are already practicing this, and those who are not already must rethink their habits by including the high temperature measuring devices like the thermal-gun in their entrances to make sure people with the slight chances of carrying the virus do not leave others infected.
  3. Installing Human disinfection Tunnels at the entrance- One stop solution for several concerns! If the human disinfection chambers containing the temperature sensor and sanitizer spraying feature are installed at the entrance of the public places, half of the concerns will be reduced right away.
  4. Instruct the visitors to maintain social distancing – (We at Arthlab make such a problem-solving device called Arthwalk-the best human sanitization system equipped with the high-graded thermal sensor with a herbal sanitizer spraying feature that would sterilize an individual right from their head to the toe).

The DON’Ts-

  1. Do not let people enter without masks- This may sound the most clichéd sentence now but it’s one of the most important measures for preventing the infection on an auspicious day like the 14th
  2. Do not overcrowd a place- This might generate lower revenues for businesses but it’s better to avoid another lockdown that causes a much bigger loss we all have experienced before.
  3. Do not ignore the basic hygiene etiquettes- So what we are coping up with the COVID-19. We have a long way to go from here to prevent further outbreaks.

Let’s not forget what we’ve experienced this year and let’s not break the hygiene- streak we’ve been maintaining since last year, it has been rewarding us and will always do. We must get that we have to be a little aware if we wish to celebrate more healthy Valentine’s days.

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